Fun with Festive Fruit

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Scented Christmas fruit Jars

Bring the scent of Christmas in to your home with these lovely festive scented Jars.
Otherwise known as posh potpourri
These are lovely to give as Christmas gifts.
They are really easy to make everyone can get crafty creating these lovely Jars, it will keep the kids busy on a cold afternoon making a lovely gift for someone special.

Here’s my easy-peasy step-by-step guide

What do you need:- (This is what I used to make the one shown here)

1. The Ingredients

2 Fill the jar with slices of dried fruit slices and cinnamon sticks.

3 Take the square of fabric and tie it on to the jar with string (tip try to cut the fabric with a pretty pattern to sit in the centre of the lid) If you don’t want a lid you don’t need to use one.

4 and 7 Glue a little wooden heart over the tying point as decoration.

5 and 6 Alternatively tie cinnamon sticks to the tying point as decoration.

Swansea Flower Shop

Other items you can used blue pine, berries, dried chillies, anise, cones.
For decoration, mini-Baubles, berries, Festive ribbon, Tartan ribbons, lace, small sleigh bells, festive wooden shapes. These can all be used as finishing decorations to make these jars extra special especially if you are making these as gifts for family and friends.

Happy crafting

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