It’s All About The Roses

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Whatever the time of the year (especially Valentine’s Day!), roses are a symbol of love.

Did you know, over 230 million roses are grown especially for Valentine’s Day alone. These gorgeous flowers also require some love and attention too, so…


How to keep your beautiful roses, maximising their vase life.

🌹 Give your vase a good clean to make sure there is no bacteria residue left behind, from your last bunch.

🌹 Fill with clean water and add fresh flower food to the water.

🌹 Once you have unwrapped your roses, cut the stem ends on a 45% angle, I prefer to use a knife creating a clean cut, but a sharp scissors is fine.

🌹 Do not uses a blunt scissors or cut the stem straight.

🌹 Remove the outer guard petals that protect the rose, these are the darker petals around the rose and will easily pull away.

🌹 Remove the lower foliage on the stem so that there are no leaves below the water line in your vase.

🌹 Leaves below the water line will cause a build-up of bacteria in your vase effecting your roses.

🌹 Keep your roses out of the draft and away from direct heat.

🌹 Clean your vase and re-cut your roses every couple of days.

Finally, enjoy your roses!

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